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B2B E-Commerce System


B2B E-Commerce & Reseller System | LyciaApp

Our B2B E-Commerce System , is a revolutionary, game changing e-commerce solution for B2B focused companies. With you can create customer segments, send offers and leverage dynamic pricing features to drive more sales. is designed just one thing in mind and that is B2B E-Commerce. Unlike many other e-commerce tools’s features are tailored for business to business interactions. The platform’s smart coupons and dynamic pricing features allow for flexible, deal-driven sales strategies, directly responding to market demands and customer behavior.

B2B E-Commerce System

Dynamic Pricing

Changing prices according to customer segment or purchase quantity

Deal Rooms & Offers

Communicate and send special offers to your customers according to their needs

Customer Segmentation

Create different prices for different customer segments

Lead Generation

Generate leads easily with lead generation pages

Smart Coupons

Location and behaviour based smart coupons for turning more leads into customers

E-Mail Automations

Automated e-mails for just about everything, including order status, campaigns and shipment tracking

Flash Sales

Time and location based sales to maximize revenue 


Sell product variations including color, size or shape

SEO Focus

Increase your site’s visibility and rankings with search engine optimization (SEO)

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