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IONIC Startup Campus (Ελλάδα 2.0)

4 months ago

The IONIC Innovation Center aims to re-vitalize the local and regional economy in Athens by creating an ecosystem to support startups and innovative companies. The center intends to reduce unemployment, attract investments, and facilitate technology transfer, energising the young workforce.

Old Power Plant in Moschato will be transformed into an innovation center / startup campus. The campus will feature training and programs that will attract startups. Efforts will be made on how existing ventures can improve their products and market them. At the same time, it will be ensured that bright minds from abroad come to IONIC to contribute to Greece’s technological transformation

Some potential focus areas within IONIC could include:

– Green technology program

– IoT (Internet of Things) program

– Smart textiles program

– AI (Artificial Intelligence) program

– Big Data program.

– Fintech (Financial Technology) program

– Software development program.

– Healthtech (Health Technology) program

– Hospitality and tourism.

– Maritime technologies

Companies that participate in these programs and complete the training can receive a certain percentage of shares from them. Existing entrepreneurship programs currently located in Athens can be incorporated into the IONIC to expedite the process.

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