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Reservation Management System


Reservation Management System (Resio)

Our reservation management system is the simplest yet most powerful/adaptive booking tool for your business. Just set your schedule and Resio will take care of the rest. With Resio you can book with a simple link, an automatically generated QR code or through your website. You can also create customised forms for your business and offer special discounts or gifts to your customers.
When creating an appointment on the customer side, it offers the option to take online payment and then reminds the customer of the appointment by email and message. It also automatically creates recurring appointments for you for regular customers.
With Resio, you can not only create appointments, but also evaluate your business day by day with the detailed reports it generates.

Reservation Management System

SMS&Email Reminders

Reminds your customers of their appointment

Online Payments

Can take payment online at the time of booking

Multiple Branches & Team members

Supports you to add other branches or teammates

Recurring Appointments

Automatically creates recurring appointments for you

Detailed Reports

Allows you to take a look at the general situation of your business with the detailed reports it generates

Adaptive Design

Allows you to organize the booking module according to your business group

Visit Resio’s web site, learn more about reservation management system and experience demos to see how we can improve your appointment scheduling system