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Reservation Management System (Resio)

Reservation Management System

Our reservation management system is the simplest yet most powerful/adaptive booking tool for your business. Just set your schedule and Resio will take care of the rest. With Resio you can book with a simple link, an automatically generated QR code or through your website. You can also create customised forms for your business and […]

LyciaLMS | Online Courses & Tutoring System

Lycia LMS

LyciaLMS , is an online education platform designed specifically for enterprise-level companies, is poised to redefine corporate learning and development. This cutting-edge Learning Management System (LMS) empowers organizations to seamlessly deliver comprehensive training programs to their workforce, transcending geographical boundaries and time constraints. With LyciaLMS, companies can create and deploy customized courses tailored to their […]

LyciaHR | Job Listing & Applicant Tracking System


LyciaHR is a customised all-in one HR software designed for the companies that managing job listing and hiring process on their own web site. The realm of applicant tracking systems (ATS) is vast and varied, but companies often face the challenge of finding a system that harmoniously balances potent features with indispensable customization and data […]

B2B E-Commerce & Reseller System | LyciaApp

B2B E-Commerce System

Our B2B E-Commerce System , is a revolutionary, game changing e-commerce solution for B2B focused companies. With you can create customer segments, send offers and leverage dynamic pricing features to drive more sales. is designed just one thing in mind and that is B2B E-Commerce. Unlike many other e-commerce tools’s features […]